Thursday, March 20, 2008

Les Langues pour la Communication Orale

Hier, j'ai eu le privilege de juger un compétition d'art oratoire au niveau secondaire. J'étais très imprésionné avec la qualité de la langue et aussi le choix des sujets. Je pense que l'art oratoire permet aux étudiants de s'exprimer dans une façon simple et efficace un point de vue sur n'importe quel sujet. Je me souviens quand j'ai participé à un concours et je ne vais jamais oublier cette expérience. Ma soeur a aussi participé aux plusieurs concours d'art oratoire et elle a très bien réussi. Un de mes étudiants a gagné dans sa catégorie, il y a quelques années. Je pense qu'en présentant oralement, on devient plus confiant. Bien sur ce n'est pas facile de présenter devant un auditoire qui va vous écouter et vous juger mais cela implique certains habilités. C'est une façon de faire face à nos inquiétudes, nos craintes et de réussir contre toute probabilité. Nous vivons dans une société qui souligne l'importance de communiquer clairement nos idées et nos pensées. Pourquoi pas à l'oral?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Really Overrated Museum (ROM)

As a "suburbanite", I have always liked living just outside the city. The trafic and congestion is less, as are the number of people. The downside is that kid-friendly venues such as the Toronto zoo, Ontario Science Centre and the Royal Ontario Museum are all located in Toronto. I have been to the zoo many times, in fact we have a zoo pass - the kids really enjoy it (much more than I do). I still remember the ad (as my dad reminds me everytime we go there) - "There's a place for you in the Metro zoo." I have been to the Science Centre once and it wasn't that bad overall. The worst part was trying to watch a movie about insects on the IMAX screen with a four year old. What a joke. Needless to say we were "outta there" in no time.
When I was in a student in school, I remember going to the ROM. I found it fascinating to see a dead person embalmed and preserved in the Ancient Egyption section of the museum as I studied Ancient Egypt in class. As an adult, going back last week to see the same dead person (many years later) still preserved made me head in the other direction. It's fascinating what a few years can do to you.
My trip to the ROM last week during the March Break was quite the opposite of what I expected.
As we arrived at the ROM we were greeted by a line up outside the building and around the corner. Several ROM people were on hand to greet us and offer us solace by asking us to buy a ROM membership for $140 dollars (or something astronomical like that). You see, by buying a membership, you could bypass the line, and some people did. As for myself and the kids, we were getting in free anyways (some of the perks of my profession). As we finally entered into the building, we were greeted with yet another line up. Tickets finally in hand and 2 hours later (or so it seemed) we went up the elevator to the second floor. Stroller and kid in hand I attempted to see some of the lavish displays but was stopped by a staircase with no elevator or help in sight. Okay I can handle this, I said. Finally some respite, a kids area dedicated to kids. Well they play and then they little one is hungry. I offer him a bite of something as a security guard comes by to let me know that there is no eating here on this level. Down we go to level one again. Find a place to eat, up to level two. Uh Oh. Now we need a diaper change. Find a bathroom - oops no change table - WHAT!! NO CHANGE TABLE!!??? Okay, do diaper change in his stroller. Let kids run about in an open area. Security again - don't touch the poles in the open area - they are painted with special paint. Okay down to the gift shop to get a souvenir - oops line-up again.
Okay we are almost out - phew Daddy is here to pick us up. What a day at the Really Overrated Museum. I think I would have been happier going to the Markham Museum. Sometimes, being a suburbanite isn't so bad after all.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The point is moot

Have you ever been in a discussion with someone and think - "it really doesn't matter?" Who cares anyways? The point is moot. I once went to law school to learn about moot points and the law of course. It was not all I imagined it would be. It was a difficult lesson to learn but sometimes we are destined for something else. You might say - destiny - barf! Who believes in destiny anyways?
Well I do - I am a destiny believer, believe it or not. Certainly choices do influence a person's destiny but I believe that, in the end, destiny will prevail. I know I was destined to be in the profession that I am now. The signs were always there, I just neglected to see them along the way. Sometimes we deny our destiny for one reason or another. Perhaps we think we are too "good" or not "good" enough.
I adore what I do - I miss it when I am away. I influence people. I impact their future in ways I do not even know. I think that people can be happy doing what they do on a day to day basis if they can uncover their destiny. It may take awhile, but one day you will get there. The past is moot, uncover your real destiny to realize true happiness.