Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It’s a cruel, cruel winter. . .

January is scorching by in its usual frigid way and what are you still doing? Feeling cold? Feeling sorry for yourself as you brace for the next snowfall or record cold temperatures? Hibernating? Trying to nurse a cough or a cold which just won’t go away?

Prepare for summer. Ahhh, summer. The sweetness of summer is indescribable, like opening up that 1st delectable chocolate truffle and feeling it melt in your mouth as you close your eyes. In the summer, birds in the sky retract their wings to say “thank you.”

Winter must also be thanked for its blahs and blues. The true meaning of summer cannot be understood without a good dose of winter. Its stark contrast is what makes it apparent and appeasing. Like Black and White. Imagine. A black man in a white house. That is apparent and appeasing.

The winter is long and bitter. It tempts and taunts us with its glittering icicles and singable snowmen. It is not long before frostbite sets in. There appears to be no end in sight.

Never fear. Summer is here. Imagine a field. Imagine the wind blowing softly upon this field. Imagine the sound of music. A dance, perchance? Only the imagination can conjure up images of such contrived contradiction.

The reality of summer may be months away but its image is forever etched in our hearts.

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